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Carr Astronautics' work spans geographic and industry boundaries. Our client base is located within the US and around the world. With significant accomplishments in government, commercial and research endeavors, our systems are truly Science at Work.


  • Operational satellite meteorology

  • New satellite products, including 3D winds

Atmospheric Composition

  • Air quality and atmospheric chemistry 

  • Ground system software for NASA’s TEMPO mission

Advanced Space Computing

  • Reconfigurable FPGA computing

  • Computer Vision and AI methods

Remote Sensing

  • Atmospheric and land applications

  • Image Navigation and Registration (INR)

Spacecraft Integration & Test

  • End-to-end integration and testing of spacecraft and subsystems

  • NASA science missions

Environmental Satellite Systems

  • Maintenance, sustainment and product monitoring

  • Ground system software for NOAA’s GOES-R series

High-Performance Enterprise Computing

  • Cloud enterprise solutions

  • Scientific supercomputing

Enterprise Operational Support

  • Transition to operations

  • Monitoring, error reporting, and automated error mitigation.

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